Never getting angry but with meaning the clashing sounds the Angel would say enough is enough, this hero’s soul is safe from all thoughts of negativity, as the beautiful melodies of God rejoicing with praise as the Angel constantly pray.

Child of His blessing and amazing grace, I can feel and so can He with every good deed on the tone of your praise, with beautiful sounds the Angel will sing. So cry not, cry not to beautiful sounds, tunes and melodies of faith.

Time consume brushed up against Death’s shoulder. Rebuilding reconstruction sites on every road, some rebuildable and some corroded and gone. “Now who’s better than who?” The Ginn says to the Angel. “Only God knows what even you don’t,” the Angel says with tones of love and faith, which cause the Ginn to loosen off his host, which caused its hot to strengthen faith.


Ginn speaks

I told him Adam’s offspring wasn’t worthy of this ultimate gift and He promised me all! Soul he can keep. Well well well! Things can’t get so sweet as he laughs and plays, confident in his mischievous ways, as tunes of misery follows the Ginn as he dances his dance of disgrace.

The Ginn host listens as negativity surrounds his everyday as the Ginn’s songs of depression start to play. The Ginn laughs and stays confident thinking “I got ‘em right where i want ‘em”. The Ginn laughs and whispers tunes of loneliness as the host goes about his day.