Photo of republican presidential candidate Donald Trump
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Dear George: I’m one of those incorrigibly vulgar “Trumpkins” that you and your elitist buddies thumb their nose at. I see you haven’t changed your attitude toward us, but are becoming more creative with your put downs and one-liners since denouncing Tump as a “bloviating ignoramus” in 2012.

We are getting under the Republican establishments skin, and you are urging the grown-ups in the conservative movement to read us the riot act.

Mr. Will , you are like the correction officer that doesn’t know that the inmates are in revolt. The establishment is not in control anymore, and we are no longer going down the road of Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Although your Washington Post columns are colorful and humorous, a man can make a fortune betting against your predictions.

Weren’t you the one that assured that we could make Iraq more democratic and that “Romney would win in a landslide?” Now you expect us “bloviating ignoramuses” to listen to one of your academic drivels on why we should support another moderate squish such as Jeb Bush.

You constantly accuse Trump of being a counterfeit Republican. But Trump supporters are tired of real Republicans that talk a good game, then go to Washington and flip us the bird.

Donald Trump is more conservative than you’ll ever be. He speaks from the heart, not a script. He makes you and the GOP uncomfortable because he takes defined positions instead of regurgitating Beltway talking points.

Mr. Will, whose side are you on?

Everyday Americans are tired of the Koch Brothers, the Chamber of Commerce and hedge funds that see nothing wrong with using cheap labor to undermine American workers.

What’s wrong with Making America Great Again? Mr. Trump and many Americans believe we need to have better trade deals. We should no longer let China, Asia and Mexico keep dumping their cheap goods on the American people while they charge ours with high tariffs.

Trump is spot on, it’s time to stop worrying about the poor in other countries and show more concern for Americans here. We have veterans eating out of garbage cans, 93 million Americans unemployed and 110 million on public assistance.

Poll after poll agrees with Donald Trump on stronger border security. Without borders we have no country.

The establishment Republicans are useless: people have lost faith in our institutions; civil disorders abound, and the moral fiber of this country is torn. Our children are being indoctrinated by radical left-wing kooks while the Republicans in Congress are doing nothing to stop the fundamental transformation of America.

The Republicans have let this President roll them over while he tramples over the Constitution to push through a Progressive agenda which is turning America into the world’s bordello.

I’m a Trumpkin because he’s right. We don’t win anymore. Our civilization is in decline, socialism is on our shores and it has to be repudiated. If Hillary is elected, America will be a socialist hellhole like Venezuela, Portugal or Greece.

No more Republican lites, we want the straight gin!

I hate to break it to you George Will, but your opinions don’t matter. Politics as usual is over. We did it your way now we’ll try something different.

I urge you and your Georgetown friends to save yourself because a wave is coming. We are going to send a message this coming election and give Washington and the progressive Beltway establishment a protracted middle finger.

Trump Trump Trump, all the way!!!