Image of the American Flag.
Arbyreed/ Flickr

America has been good to me. Although I’ve been homeless and slept on grates, I love this country. I’ve been to socialist countries such as Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela and Portugal. And let me tell you — I’d rather be sleeping underneath a boardwalk in Atlantic City than be royalty in those countries.

I have no regard for peace protesters and flag burners, I consider them traitors. They have no respect for this country. They don’t know how good they have it. These children of privilege have the luxury of going to big colleges and mimicking left-wing nonsense. Grunts like me served in the military because we didn’t come from well-to-do families.

I ask the kids that listen to these peddlers of old school Marxism: if America is so racist, why do so many risk their lives to come here? Why do those that claim to be fighting for social justice show outrage about slavery in the past, while never mentioning slavery that continues today in third world countries?

I often wonder where liberalism went wrong. Why do so many black brethren remain wedded to a doctrine of utter nonsense, despite overwhelming evidence that liberalism and white guilt has undermined black uplift. Today’s Democratic Party is anything but Democratic. Today’s party would consider Karl Marx an ultra-conservative.

Liberals have convinced poor blacks they are their saviors and will give them what their hearts’ desire. Although there are some—such as Ben Carson’s and Allen West—that refuse to shine for the liberal, most can’t resist the free cell phones and eyeglass checkup.

It drives Liberals nuts when a Black man tells them “I don’t need your gifts, I’m capable of getting what I need on my own.” I once was a liberal, but liberalism was different. The liberalism I belonged to inspired men. They believed you help people help themselves — give them dignity, not handouts. The liberalism I belonged to believed the family was the backbone of civilization and designed policies that encourage family stability and kept communities intact.

However the liberal narrative is about to change because a sleeping giant has awoken. There is a silent majority that believes America is exceptional, period.

People are tired, fed up and angry.