An image of a man walking on the beach as the sun rises.
The sun rises on a beach. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

My perspective on 2020 is that it’s been a real trying year. My spirituality, mental and financial wellbeing were put to an extreme test. COVID-19 changed the way I think, clean, even save my money. I’m behind on emergency funds, retirement, etc. 

Some historical things happened with the March on Washington, the protests about the killings of  George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. The officers who killed her still need to be held accountable. 

With all that’s happened this 2020,  we at Street Sense Media haven’t been sick, and that’s the angels watching over us. Check on your family and pray for them. This year is almost over; and 2021 got to be a better year. Thanks for your support and stay safe. Don’t give up the fight. God Bless.

Marcus Green is an artist and vendor with Street Sense.