Photo of the Jefferson Memorial at sunrise
Photo courtesy of Lukas Schlagenhauf / flickr

The pandemic has left me in a state of uncertainty! Meaning I don’t know who is trying to help or trying to hurt. Covid has shown me that if you don’t have support you will die in a pandemic. I also seen friends turn around like no one is there.

So when the city opens back up I want to act just the same way: not answer the phone, don’t go to the door when someone’s knocking, and never reply to email. I can’t do it, The person I am won’t let me be spiteful. There are some people like that. Even my cousin’s side of the family, they act like I gave them a curse or something.

After Covid I will be more productive in the community, helping where there is need. I am a very respectful young man. I love writing and helping those in need. I enjoy reading, strategy games, working out, and getting active with the youth this summer.