Photo of a sign that says "rehabilitation"
Photo courtesy of Nick Youngson / Picpedia

I’ve been home for four months! And I’ve accomplished most of the things I had to do: a new ID, replacing my birth certificate, a new Social Security card, and getting other documents. I keep all my mental health, medical, and housing appointments. I take it one day at a time.

My main goal is to get off probation in two years so I can get the rest of my life back together. My mental health team is sending me to RSA rehabilitation for employment, which I hope helps me land a job. I need a job to help me achieve my goals. I also need to obtain my drivers license so I can save transportation money. I also want to become an individual entrepreneur.

None of this will happen without maintaining my sobriety. That is an absolute must, and I’ve been doing it. So I feel more positive and more confident about myself.