Black and white photo of protestors
Photo of protestors at Capitol Hill. Photo courtesy of Ben Burgess / KStreetPhotographDC

My thought of the day is the words people say.
I never knew ignorance could be so profound, 
and if the Lord teaches us by the pen, 
and reading is fundamental,
why haven’t we learned? 
For no man is above the law of Moses.
No doubt Moses knew the law, 
and Abraham was one of the believers, 
And Christ Jesus’ blood is on their words
Like the blood on their hands.
And the blood on our democracy 
And on those who would stand up for justice.
And if those were Black and brown men
our sacred ground is stained with their blood,
for they labored and laid the bricks
Of the foundation, shaken but not broken,
That our forefathers gave for us to stand on,
that no man is above the law. 
And if the President pardons himself for a moment in time
his story will hold him accountable
For the blood on his words like the blood on his hands.
Every man must understand
and know that no man is above the law.
The grave will not cheat justice,
a promise from our Lord,
for the law then will be questioned:
“Why did Lady Liberty die on this day?”
The truth will be told that the Devil is a liar
and justice is not blind.
For the thought of white supremacy,
a white man’s laws, they stained the halls of Congress.
With our eyes we all saw 
those who believe that they are above the law
With a Q on their chest.
The task is to make America great again,
to uphold the rule of law,
to shout it from the mountaintops:
No man is above the law.