A close up of a woman wearing a necklace and earrings looking at the camera.
Pink color added to a 2014 portrait by Gerry Suchy, previously featured in a 2015 Street Sense Media story about his photo project “The Invisible Ones.”

A gleaming star
Like a lighted ember
Brings us closer
In the gloom of December
The spark that was Alice
Shall not soon be extinguished
Her pain was unique
And truly distinguished
We shall carry on and recall
The impact her poetry gave us all

A faint smile glimmers
Maybe it shimmers
Our memories are fresh
With thoughts pointed but real
For the loss we can truly feel
Grateful we knew her
And may God shine through her

A tribute to Street Sense Media artist and vendor “Baby Alice”, who died at age 33 on Dec. 17, 2019.

Frederic John is an artist and vendor.