Silhouette of a woman sitting in the sunlight
Image courtesy of deposit

She was a feminist that hated men 
They gave her Ritalin at the age of ten
She went to school with Storm and Wolverine
She blamed her momma for her daddy’s genes 
She hate her uncle’s and male cousins
They always there when her daddy wasn’t  

She hate the preacher, she don’t like confession
When she confessed he started yelling
She told the truth about the preachers hands
She said “Please stop touching me man!”  

Everyday she hated men even more
She said one day that she gonna settle the score
She fell in love with an older woman
Family members asking, “What you doing?”  

They said, “God put you here for men
“Watch out for Eve ‘cause Eve make you sin” 
She said, “What about Adam?”
If she had a knife, she woulda stabbed him.  

That’s how much she hated men
Said that she would never ever ever date them
But the woman that she loved was in love with a man
That left her confused, a confused lesbian 

My life was never the same 
After I felt the heartbeat of this woman’s pain 
My life could never compare 
And whenever you wanna cry I got a shoulder to share 

A woman’s pain