I walk on the right side of the street.

In front of me looms the Entourage of Khaki Pants (EKP), with a sprinkling of gray and blue pinstriped-suited VIPs. Never looking forward, and never seeing the concrete with human beings in front of them.

They rush forward blindly, quickly, toward a head-on collision with the One walking alone from the other direction. They just keep on coming.

Oh, oh, the ruffled crash of clothes. This physical hit is only heard by the inner ear. The EKP walked right through the One. The turbulence was like an nuclear reaction of isotopes, molecules, atoms, protons, and neutrons trying to outdo one another without consequence.

Pushed, elbowed, bruised, and demeaned, the One turns around to the moving EKP army and from the bottom of her belly and the top of her lungs screams:

“You are not excused! One day someone will ignore you and not see you and not yield to you with courtesy and respect. Then you will see what being thrown to the curb is all about! I’ll remember you when I become king, queen, or president. And I will build a wall! But not today.

“I am a human being.“

Share the sidewalk. But please stay on your side.

Angie Whitehurst is a Street Sense vendor.