Collage by Sybil Taylor

To all customers who supported me during my sadness and mourning due to the lost of my father on February 20th around 10:41 A.M. I am sorry for the delay of doing a tribute in honor of my father. I had been very stressed out and depressed along with my mom, sisters, brother-sister in law, my little nieces and the rest of my family and relatives. we all have dad in our hearts and spirits. I have grieved for two months, day by day about him. A lot of sadness. I dream about him a lot now and he looks good hour by hour, minute by minute. I really do miss my father, and i have a lot of tears and sadness. I found it hard to write for the paper. I really am dealing with heartache, pain, sadness, and despair. Is my sister and mother still mourning? They still continue to go on day by day by keeping the house up, and paying the utility bills.With having a great lawyer to help them out, everything was transfered into my mother’s name. The bank account was kept open and my father left my mom and Bridgette well off to continue to live life to the fullest and remember all of the wonderful things that dad did for them.

This Easter without dad was very sad and hard for us. He was with us last Easter and it was a joy. Now, he’s gone onto glory, a new home. I’ve been hurting and crying along with my mother and sister. The joy of love and happiness had faded away. Dad wasn’t there Easter morning, and Easter dinner wasn’t the same. Sharing and carrying my easter baskets, coloring eggs, and being the Easter bunny all through childhood until my sisters and brother got older. Then, he became the Easter bunny for my niece. Our last enjoyment of Easter was last year. He also watched all of his favorite games on T.V. I give out the best of him. He cannot be replaced. He was a brave army solider, a peaceful man, a savior, a treasure of life. He served his time while he was here, and very highly honored for his good deeds. He was rewarded for every good thing he had done in life. He stood the best of time.

At Lincoln Cemetery in Suitland Maryland, there was a final goodbye flag salute to him with the song of the horn of the last goodbye. By one of the soldiers and many others, the flag was taken off of his casket and folded up army style and given to my mother as she cried, “this is goodbye!.” She rubbed and kissed his casket. No more dad. She said, “A handsome man gone.” We all comforted her as we all sat at the casket. This was the final burial at the cemetery. He had his plot where he was buried at. The preacher spoke, “ Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. You will return home to the lord. This day was very cold. It had snowed earlier and stopped. It was a cold winter day with sunshine and sadness. The day of the funeral, the limo picked us up at 9:45 A.m. The limo could hold up to 10 people. They arrived at my mother’s house. My mother, sister, myself, my brother, and his wife rode over to Popes Funeral Home where his service was at. He had many guest to view him.

(to be continued)