The evening before he died, which was on a Thursday, i felt him. His ribs were showing. He couldn’t talk. He did not want to exercise because he was too sick and weak. I went to the bathroom and cried while my mother and Bridgette, my sister, also cried, hoping not to lose dad anytime soon. All he had was an ensure drink along with water. We took care of him the best way we could. I gave a kiss to him on his forehead. Mom and Bridgette watched him, and allowed him to rest. All that day, they kept a 24 hour watch on him. I had left. He had just got a full supply of morphine along with his meds and more diapers. His room was fixed up like a hospital room, where he received the best love and care. I told him, “I love you day, always!”

Around 10:41 A.M., my father passed away on Friday. My mother and sister were doing their daily duties. I was on the way over. It was snow all on the ground. I called mom and told her I was coming over. She was busy with dad around 7:00 A.M., he was alive then. Mom said that we was facing the wall, he was in a lot of pain. So he rested up until 10:30. Bridgette fixed dad breakfast, and then my older sister came over. When mom went upstairs she noticed that he was not moving. His eyes were wide open, and saliva dripped down from his mouth. My other sister came to check on him. “Call 911.” They tried to stand him up. He did not respond. They laid him back in the bed. My sisters cried. My dad’s doctor came along with the ambulance team. They checked his pulse and heartbeat. They said he was pronounced dead. My mother’s heart dropped, along with my two sisters. They were both in shocked about the lost. My sister called me and told me he had passed away. I cried and cried, I felt very very sick. My mother also got sick and cried and cried, “My husband is gone.” Around 2:00 P.M. the morgue from Pope’s Funeral home arrived and they took his clothes off and wrapped him in a white sheet. Then they put him in a black bag that zipped up to cover his body. They carried him out of the bed, down to the living room, and carried him outside.