Jane Cave

ETUFE, the New Orleans Rhythm and Jazz Band, rocked the rafters Saturday night, March 29th at King Street Blues’ original location on Saint Asaph Street in Old Town Alexandria!

Our crew, led by Lady Ann Palmer, a Vocaliste and Pianistic Artiste, sprinkled magic glitter all over the KSB crowd, which included Lisa, Rick, Sergio, Ian and Becky, among others. Chris “Sky” Shaw, Ann’s willing accomplice on Guitar (often in the guise of Satchmo or Doctor John), brought the gang through their joyful paces: Walt (bass), Vincent (concertmaster and drums); along with Matt (on trumpet), and Spence (clarinet and voice harmony).

The ostensible reason for appearing was a simple reunion of the Band, after four months of hiatus, but the added perk was a CD release– “Live Mardi Gras! Fun at King Street Blues Old Town”. A less obvious cause of celebrating was Chris’ (known at Street Sense as “Cowboy Poet”) transition at the paper to the position of all around Volunteer ‘Jack of All Trades’!

So come on with the “Bon Temps Rouler,” and be sure to catch the ETUFE Band, real soon!