My mother lives in a senior apartment in the Ward 8 section of our city. Sometimes I think they made that unit especially for her. She has access to her whole apartment in her Hoverround wheelchair. She has a china cabinet with trinkets and ornaments that span at least 50 years. I enjoy my legacy by listening to the stories attached to each of the objects in this cabinet. There was one flowerpot on the windowsill with one plant in it. Ten other flowerpots sat empty. I started thinking about life and what makes life thrive and grow. That day I started my project to maintain the life of this striking planet. Horticulturist, I am not, but I have received certain spiritual insight during this venture. There is a relationship between plant and planter; it’s like the relationship between a preacher and his congregation. The planter pours life-giving water. The preacher pours the life-giving word of God. To be able to maintain life and delight in its stages of growth (from bud to blossoming plant) is a spiritual awakening for me. Today there are 11 flowerpots with thriving plants, all coming from that one, solitary plant. My congregation is slowly growing, not by water alone but by the love invested in me through God. God is good. And my mother is happy (smile).