Illustration of President Trump on the United States Map
President Trump. Image by Gerd Altmann // Pixabay.

Sometimes I get irritated when liberals try to label you.  

I supported Jesse Jackson and voted twice for Barack Obama. The reason I left the Democratic Party was because of op-eds such as Jeff Taylor’s in the last issue of Street Sense, titled “Why does the GOP hate Democracy?”  

You don’t help your cause by insults and name-calling your audience, many of whom happen to be conservatives. 

As a Republican, I care about poverty, healthcare and climate change but disagree with the radical left on how active government should be on these issues. I believe free markets could better solve those issues than faceless unelected bureaucrats.  I’m willing to compromise, but the left isn’t. 

Taylor claims the GOP hates the left, but I can assure him that as a Christian, I hate no one. I disagree with you, that’s it. In a democracy, politics is about give-and-take.  

When people such as Elizabeth Warren claim they are going to implement Medicare for All and reparations for slavery, how do they plan to pass legislation when they call Republicans Nazis or fascists? Why would states such as Idaho and Wyoming, which had nothing to do with the Civil War or slavery, support reparations? 

There is reality in politics. People have to get elected. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell come from states where Republicans won all but two counties in 2016. Could you imagine if Mitch McConnell sided with Democrats to raise taxes for utopian schemes like Medicare for All and a Green New Deal or worked with Beto O’Rourke on seizing people’s guns? He would be tossed out in a hurry.   

This is why Impeachment is pure fantasy. Democrats have 47 senate seats and need 68 votes to remove a president from office. How do you persuade Republicans to remove him from office when you insult them? It takes no courage to shout impeachment from the confines of California or New York. But if you’re a politician from Florida, Ohio or Pennsylvania, you may believe Trump is guilty but don’t want to go against his base.  

I can assure Taylor that the Russians had no influence on why I voted for Trump. It was people like you that call names but never hear the discontent that drove me to Trump.   

In his article, he claimed Republicans hate Democrats because they give things to others that are not deserved. What Republicans hate is someone deciding for others what is adequate and just. What people can’t stand is the hypocrisy of people such as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. Both rail against the millionaires and billionaires when they’re millionaires themselves.  

Before she became a woke socialist Elizabeth Warren was a bankruptcy lawyer who used to charge as much as $700 an hour to crush the lilliputians she claims to champion today.  

At least Trump made his billions the old fashioned way, by building and producing things.  

I urge my brother Taylor to look at reality: the economy is doing great and jobs are plentiful.  

I see America as the land of unlimited potential. I don’t hate the left. I love liberty and freedom. I am not ashamed of being a Republican or supporting Donald Trump.  

Jeffery McNeil is a Street Sense vendor and columnist who also contributes to The Washington Examiner