New Year’s: a new set of resolutions to break in about five-four-threetwo- one-NOW.

Each year, I think to myself that this is the year when I will make that promise that will last. We all have those go-to lists: losing weight, eating better, starting up that hobby you always wanted to try, quitting smoking. How about one that is guaranteed to be successful? Try this one on for size: volunteering. The win-win in volunteering is enormous. The return on investment? Off the charts. The feeling you get after knowing that your time and talent were used for a fantastic cause? Priceless. (You’re welcome, MasterCard). There are a ton of fantastic organizations here in Washington that make a difference each and every day, whether it is a public charter school like VSA D.C.’s School for Arts in Learning or an employment and food preparation place like DC Central Kitchen, or any of the other groups dealing in children/youth issues, homelessness, education or the arts. The possibilities are nearly endless. The key is you and your willingness to give up some of your time. Your efforts are truly appreciated and, believe me, you will feel such a rush of pride inside. It is the best way to ring in the New Year. So today, as you read our fantastic stories here in this issue of Street Sense authored by our incredible vendors and dedicated staff and volunteers, take a second to consider how you might get more involved. Interested in writing? Perhaps you would be able to assist us in preparing the next issue. Have the time during the day? Maybe come in and support our office needs during the work week. If nothing else, however, here’s something you can do no matter what your time or talents are. Be a Street Sense ambassador! Tell your friends about our paper and its importance to you. Introduce a colleague to your local Street Sense vendor near you. Encourage business partners to make this year’s d o n a t i o n s t o Street Sense and invest in Washington’s Street Newspaper of Record. Now i f y o u would ex cus e me, I’ve got to find that gym membership card of mine. That’s my two cents.