Fun, music, laughter
People from everywhere Lights brightly dancing Seemed all without a care

Marching in came the countries
Including also the hosts Who ended any mysteries With victories they can boasts

In the past there had been problems
People said war was in the air Now the mood seemed different Olympic time was here

Skaters racing about
Black pride was there
One black already a winner
After skating only two years
Bobsledder going fast Lying, unable to see Hitting an icy wall
Harder, maybe, than a tree
People, dancing and waving flags And some stumbles from athletes But many their grace gave awe
As they got back to their feet

Olympics time was here That message even clear To the sister watching And the VP very near

Graceful ice dancers
Fast ice racers
Curling that seemed like fun
A time for everyone

They’d slide so carefully
Over the ice
To place in the circle
Their stone

They gathered
Full of pride
To wear their medals home
For some,
A sense of loss
For a while
They will be alone
That flame now gone For two more years Joy, all that is left
Dotted, with happy tears
Now they leave
The music, lights, a time to sing
But again the flame will light
When many make their way to Peking

All we could ask
As they left there that day:
Could the Olympics’ meaning last?
And for that we will all pray