MLK Jr Library
Victoria Pickering/Flickr

On Feb. 26 the Shelter, Housing and Real Change (SHARC) advocacy group, an organization formed to bring about shelter, housing and respectful change for the homeless, held its monthly town hall meeting in the Martin Luther King library. This meeting included a discussion on future plans for the CCNV shelter, which is set to run out in June 2019.  The advocates would like to see that the city does something for those experiencing poverty, instead of just building condominiums. In addition, this also was an opportune time to introduce Charles Crews. Crews is currently running for the city council seat up for grabs in the special election this April. Crews, who was homeless himself, is running on the basis that he knows the needs of what he called “my people.” Crews feels that the black community is not doing enough to voice its self. Crews went on to say if he wins and does not do what he says then he will not run again. He called on those present to help him voice the opinion of the community. He related to the crowd by talking about things that he sees on the streets. With it being so early in the campaign, the Crews camp kept hush on what exactly they are pushing for. Crews felt that he wanted to hear more from his brethren on what exactly he should push for. In time there will come some kind of final plan of action when it comes the the issues that the residents want. Crews did state that he will set aside some of the surplus money to help residents with housing, fixing the streets, etc. Crews said that “we need affordable housing.” He went on to say we need the jobs and housing that the surplus money will bring. Hopefully, Charles Crews will be a great addition to the city council, and will help Washington improve the plight of its poor and impoverished residents.