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The renewed Black Lives Matter demonstrations are during a time when jobs remain scarce in the United States. On one hand, think about the manifestations of the COVID-19 outbreak around the world, and on the other, how hard it hits the community here. In D.C., thousands of people, both at home waiting to get back to work and homeless looking for a way out of homelessness, have been affected. This makes you think about what the future will bring. 

I have been affected with living for a new day of hope. I have neither participated in the George Floyd protests nor have I been a victim of police brutality or systemic racism. All of this will be torn down when we come up with the vaccine for the matters at hand. The homeless community has been affected just as the world has been. Our Street Sense sales have been like the decline on Wall Street, and we know the feelings of CEOs of companies looking at a downturn in business.

In all, the result from these movements should be in part one of the people’s rallying cries: to defund the police. With more than 16,000 people sending testimony to the D.C. Council calling for this, to what point would the city leaders cut the police budget? Where would the funds be invested instead? Could this be the turning point of children going back to school? 

Coronavirus precautions and news reports affect you, me, and everyone around the world with changes in our daily lives. I have come to the point of adapting—it’s something we must get through, for as in the words of Nike, “Just Do It.” 

We are in the championship of worldly life.