Image of a hand holding a pencil and writing on a piece of paper.
Caleb Roenigk/ Flickr

When I first moved into my own place there was a curfew. I said to myself “I’ll just have to get used to this.” I mean look at this place. I get a comfortable room. I share it with another girl. There are only two of us. Not like it was at the shelter. There is a nice dresser, a radio and a high bed. Sleeping at night is good. I started recently missing my other friends, some of them I had known for years. I cannot be out at night visiting them. I am up at my new place all by my lonesome and that’s scary. I’ve called and have talked to work buddies and that has broken some of my lonely feeling.

I started spending a lot of time with a few case managers to ease the tension. Movies are also a thing I’m looking into. Theater and illustration classes are also an interest.

When I do get me army pension I hope to be spending more time writing articles. Enough money to let me relax and enjoy life. I want to spend time at home and acquire the things that would make life more enjoyable. I want to spend time with friends and take a vacation for a week. I would like to buy some new clothes for winter. First and foremost, I was to visit the Church of the Epiphany more often.

Over the last couple of months, I have wondered was it a good idea coming here and I’m still wondering. 3 small meals. A staff that tells you everything to do: do this, do that – concentration camp style.

My God, some days are heaven, some day’s are hell. Well any way I have my job to get me away. How long will I be here. Will I be placed in a better place. I know my roommates are wondering the something. Oh how did I get in here. Most importantly will I get better.