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Courtesy of Levester Green

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Don’t tell me it’s too late to make a great escape 

‘Cause they was willing but they weren’t quite able

To continue the fable 

Steady telling me stories at the head of the table!


Well this is the way the road turns

Too much time at the table watching the candles burn and fall. 

The opposite of standing tall.


Acting a fool, making up rules! 

Eastside riders sharing their tools 

with the leaders of the “in”-tire school. 


We’re riding on for the rest of them! 

The ones that wear it on the chest for them,

Just so that we can put a rest to them! 

We’re carrying on the vest for them! 

I get in and up and at ’em! 


Who you asking when you already know that I win?! It’s not a trend 

Quick run and tell a friend! 

You can’t comprehend this new edition but it’s not the end! 

Call of the wild be them whispers in the wind

Telling me when it’s time to win again and again 

Until anew it begins! 


New day, new hunt 

To try and acquire the different things that you want. 

You call it insane. I call it a brain! 

It’s just the way things get down here on Victory Lane! 


She said she’ll be coming ‘round the mountain when she comes

And not until we reach the end of the road will we be done!

Watch a live reading of this poem performed by the author here