A poster from the March for Our Lives

On March 24, there was a huge protest scheduled on D.C. streets for new gun control laws. I atteded the march, but quickly seemed to be the only person of color to attend this event.

As I was taking a pictures of this great demonstration, I was called every name except the child of God.

I felt so nervous that I left, fearing that they would attack me next.

I believe in the same system that Whites do. It wasn’t a Black man who did the shooting. Every time a White person gets hurt, they blame Blacks for it. Put the blame where it belongs, in your own backyards. Every mass-shooting was done by a White guy.

This rally, I thought, was to show Congress we stand together to demand stiffer gun laws..I am very supportive of these laws. People need not judge a person of my color.

Congress is made up of more Whites than Blacks. White men run this country and, as usual, aren’t doing anything to respond to these tragedies.

Why do people wait until it happens over and over before they do something about it?

I am for gun control, not against it. When will we see gun laws change?