A man assassinated

but he never died.

Is that you again? Can’t you die already?

Can’t you see? People believe in more money,

not good causes.


Here you are again, marching with your signs held high,

like you are going to change one person’s mind.

We laugh at the tears you cry.

Black teens die every day,

out there in the hood.


And White women stand up for justice

in a world gone mad.

Who would have thought our babies

would one day lead the way?

Well, surely not the NRA.


I read one sign that said,

“In 427 days, I will be able to vote.”

Is that why Dr. King had to die?

It’s always the money baby,

Follow it and you will see.


The Devil’s at the other end.

There’s only one that’s good,

and Christ who walks

the ancient streets

of Jerusalem.


In Washington, love and peace are unholy,

they only talk money

in this town.

Thank the Lord for a new generation

to guide the ways of man.


Who cares if you die,

the angels are waiting for you.