a photo of New Jersey city
Flickr/jason jenkins

Republican Governor Chris Christie’s historic victory in New Jersey proves that he is the most popular candidate in America. He captured 51 percent of the Hispanic vote and garnered 21 percent of the black vote. Even more impressive was that he won the votes of moderates and independents by over by 66 percent. To cap it off, 32 percent of registered Democrats crossed party lines to vote for him.

Like many Democrats who supported Christie, I don’t agree with him on everything. However I think he’s done a good job in New Jersey.

While New Jersey is a blue state, Democrats such as former governors Jon Corzine and Jim McGreevey left the state with scandals, failing schools and huge debt.

Although many point to Christie’s battles with teachers’ unions, democratic mayors such Cory Booker, Adrian Fenty and Rahm Emanuel have also taken on teachers’ unions. In New Jersey, the teachers’ union battle needed to happen. New Jersey residents pay the highest property taxes in the country and many are tired of seeing their tax dollars go to supporting failing public schools and huge teacher pensions. New Jersey is home to some of the worst schools in the country and many support the Chris Christie position that the best thing we can do for these kids is give them a chance to get out of poverty by either making teachers accountable or shutting these schools down and privatizing them.

Ronald Reagan once said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” One of the reasons I like Chris Christie is that I feel the same way Reagan felt when he left the party. I once considered myself an old school liberal. The Democratic Party once stood for issues such as feeding the hungry, supporting public education, and improving our infrastructure. Today’s Democrats have veered off to the far left fighting for legalized pot, abortion on demand, and banning trans fats.

The people most impacted by liberalism are minorities. As a black man it’s hard to stomach. When did we start calling ourselves African Americans when many don’t know anything about Africa? Many of us can’t resist greasy pork chops and fried fish. Now we are arm in arm marching with liberals over banning trans fat. The black church was front and center when it came to opposition of marriage equality — that was until Obama embraced it. Now a black pastor can’t make a sermon without defending gay marriage.

Why minorities walk around calling themselves Democrats I’ll never understand. They are the victims of the Democratic Party. No one has been more harmed by Democratic policies than black men. In the age of Obama, all metrics for black men have deteriorated. According to the Department of Labor, the black male unemployment rate is 12.6 percent while those under thirty is 40 percent. And according to numerous sources, including the FBI, one in six black males will serve at least two years in prison. Half of all violent crimes are committed by black men.

I am not endorsing Republicans but I do believe black people need to be sagacious in who they elect. Since the 1960s we have blindly given our votes to Democrats who have done nothing but keep minorities in a state of helplessness and dependency. They induce us with government programs then once elected they make secret deals with Republicans and drastically reduce them. Cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Detroit have been ruined by liberal Democrats, as they bury their citizens with crippling debt, budget shortfalls, along with high taxes. This has led to other pathologies such as rampant drug use, crime and prostitution.

This is why I love Chris Christie. His message is the same message that resonated with working class people that supported Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Many people see America is becoming a national version of San Francisco and steering too far to the left. I believe a Chris Christie presidency could save America from itself and put a cork on liberalism.