Aaron Giambattista/Flickr

A city filled with the need
of a true hero, indeed.
A champion of sorts,
a man for all seasons
who speaks common sense
to the peoples’ reasons.

A man who stands on high,
whose creed is to leave
no man to die.
The truth he speaks
to lies.
Thinking of a man lost in time.
Our heroes have all died.
Men who live for honor,
not to feed one’s greed.

Oh, our great city
is so much in need
of a man of grace,
no vanity,
and insight.

Ask the scientists with DNA
can we breed the brains and hearts
of Martin and Malcolm?
Christ Jesus, please
give us the man the city needs.
A hero and man
who has been blessed
to help put the city’s fears
to rest.

Once again
a leader to lead
a city so filled
with need.