A photo of a gavel and federal books laid in top of a wooden table.
A photo of a gavel and federal books. Photo courtesy of wp paarz/ Flickr

I’m tired of being a victim
My life was just fine
Now they got me in the system. 

If you want me to vote, 
Make child support court illegal. 
Change the law,
This law shouldn’t be legal. 

How the hell can you tell me, 
What I can and can’t afford? 
The judge must be high,
Somebody must’ve been bored.
Five hundred a month 
I asked the judge, 
“How my baby momma proud?” 
The only thing that makes her smile is money 
They think I’m a dummy
They say if I don’t pay,
They gonna take my freedom away.
My God says to appreciate what you get, 
And that’s the same feeling you get when you give.  
I love giving 
If I can’t give,
That wouldn’t be a life I can’t live
My goal in life is to be a good man,
Do the best I can 
for my family and my friends. 
Protect the innocent people from ignorance 
And the people that do things that’s ignorant
The judge said that my job wasn’t real 
I told the judge, “I don’t care how you feel” 
I told the judge, “You need to get this through your head 
“When the system took my daughter, I was already dead”

Child support.