a photo of newpapers which is covering with 9/11

Where were you on 9-11? I can remember being locked in a jail cell at the Central  Treatment Facility.  After watching those planes crash into the World Trade Center, we were immediately locked down. While being locked in my cell listening to my walkman another plane crashed into the Pentagon and then another in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The first thing that I thought about was my two relatives who worked at the Pentagon. I felt helpless, because there was nothing that I could do. We stayed locked down for most of the day. All I kept hearing over the radio was that America was under attack. One of my worst fears came into play, dying in prison. Imagine being locked in a jail cell and your country is being attacked.

Later that day around dinner time we were let off of lock down. All the inmates including myself rushed to the telephones. I wanted to call my family to make sure everyone was fine. To our surprise the phones were not working. On top of the phones not working, our dinner was late. As time went on I could feel the tension in the cellblock. As I sat in the t.v. room and watched as those planes crashed into the (W.T.C.) over and over again, I thought about all the victims and their families. I have so much respect and honor for the first responders who were killed and risked their lives.

Dinner finally came about two hours late. The jail was on semi-lock down and we were confined to our cellblock for the rest of the day. 9-11 a day and time that I will never forget.