Two chairs in a sunny backyard
Chun Kit To/Flickr

Last summer I was sitting in my back yard on a beautiful weekend. I had started really getting interested in writing some articles. But, that would have to wait, ’cause it was 9.30 a.m. and time for my morning chores.

I was assigned the back yard, which meant sweeping and picking up trash. When I finished, I telephoned a Street Sense friend and talked with her for half an hour. Then I started writing. It was a story about “how do you know he likes you?” I was in housing at a different address. A girlfriend and I would brainstorm about some stories of our love lives.

All these months later I would like to say I always remember to thank God for how far he has brought me. I thought about that when I went to the hospital a few times. I also thank God for giving me inspirational songs that a few months earlier just seemed to pop into my head from nowhere. Now when I sing the songs, people tip me! So I can definitely say I have been blessed in 2016.