Cardboard sign with the handwritten message "Do not use Plumbing Shop" placed on a restroom stall inside the Jefferson Memorial.
Ian Erasmus

To Mayor Bowser, D.C. Councilmembers and Representative Norton:

We need restrooms in this city for everyone to use. I once walked more than ten blocks, from Gallery Place to George Washington University Hospital, before someone let me use the bathroom. Metro stations will not let me or anyone into their restrooms. The stores I regularly buy from would not let me in, they said they said their restrooms were locked or closed. Of course, the situation was becoming more urgent as time passed. If I didn’t make it, I would have been too embarrassed to catch the bus I needed.

People of all ages need access to a restroom. Most stores keep locks on them. Other states have restrooms for the people to use, why not our nation’s capital? We need you to pass a bill that will make restrooms available for everyone in the District: children, seniors, pregnant women, tourists, people with various medical conditions and yes, people who live in the streets. It’s about dignity; it’s about sanitation; it’s about meeting the basic biological needs of your constituents.