Dear Street Sense Media supporter,

It’s been a year of significant changes at Street Sense. For starters, our name has changed. We are now Street Sense Media, reflective of the widening array of platforms on which our vendors are now telling their stories. In addition to our flagship newspaper, our vendor-artists are producing content in film, theater, photography, illustration and audio. We believe in the powerful, transformative potential of self-expression and seek to provide our vendors with every opportunity to bring their stories forward.

A few weeks ago, we launched a new smartphone app that for the first time ever allows customers to purchase our newspaper using their mobile phones. This change is long overdue and aims to help our vendors earn greater income in an age when fewer and fewer people carry cash on them. To date, the app has been a huge success.

Finally, we were able to fund a new staff position this year — a case manager. This position helps vendors navigate complicated public benefit programs toward income supports, health and mental healthcare, employment and housing. And it is this position that led to the most meaningful changes at Street Sense Media. For instance, helping David secure a permanent housing placement, ending years of homelessness and instability. The day after moving in to his new apartment, David brought us a picture of himself sitting at his kitchen table, proudly holding the keys to his new home.

We are committed to ensuring that more of our vendors follow in David’s footsteps, towards homes of their own. To be successful, we rely on the financial support of donors like you. We are deeply grateful for your past support and the transformative changes it has led to in the lives of people like David. Amidst all the recent changes, our mission to help men and women end their homelessness remains constant.

Please help us continue our work in 2018 with a generous, tax-deductible, year-end contribution. You can mail a check to Street Sense Media, 1317 G Street, NW Washington, DC 20005 or give online at Annually, this year-end campaign provides over 25% of our income. A successful campaign will allow us to make further strategic investments aimed at increasing our effectiveness. A successful campaign will bring more of our vendors home for the holidays in 2018.

I thank you for your support and wish you the very best for the holidays.




Brian Carome
Executive Director