Street Sense Returns to Print July 1, 2020

Watch this video on YouTube We’re thrilled to announce that this Wednesday, July 1, the Street Sense newspaper will return to print, and vendors will... Read more »


Online learning leaves some adult students offline

K-12 and university students were not the only people forced to transition to remote classes in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The digital divide between those who have access to modern technology and those who do not is even wider for students in adult education programs.

At-risk youth hold peaceful demonstration in support of Black and brown lives

At least 100 formerly homeless youth took to the streets of Eastern Market on June 16 for a demonstration in support of their peers and the Black Lives Matter movement. They were all members of Sasha Bruce Youthwork, which houses approximately 150 runaway and homeless youth and provides counseling, education, and life- skill services.
Photo of a signed bill on President Donald Trump's desk.

The CARES Act expiration may leave millions without support

Congress' emergency federal aid expansion is set to expire at the end of July, cutting millions of Americans who became unemployed during the Covid-19 pandemic from vital support. Experts advise that the aid package be extended to return poverty rates to pre-crisis levels.