Nonprofit development and management consultant Robyn Kerr has helped architect the futures of domestic and international nonprofit organizations for more than 13 years. Her work across philanthropy, fundraising, programming, communications, partnerships, and strategic planning has touched lives in more than 20 countries—taking her from remote fishing communities in East Africa and urban displacement camps in Haiti to vulnerable communities here in the United States. Robyn’s work with individuals, corporations, foundations, and governments has collectively raised more than $50M. She has also developed, marketed, or managed more than 95 programs with a combined value of more than $170M. Robyn holds a master of science administration in international development, a certificate in nonprofit management, and a bachelor of arts in public relations. She and her family recently relocated from Washington, D.C. to West Palm Beach, Florida, where she joined Charlotte Pelton & Associates as senior director of philanthropy and planning. Robyn is also an adjunct professor of nonprofit advocacy at Southeastern University.

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