Margaret Jenny is the President of RTCA, a private, not-for-profit Corporation that serves as the premier public-private venue for forging industry-wide consensus on key aviation policy and technology issues. RTCA’s federal advisory committees provide policy recommendations to the FAA that inform their NextGen investment decisions; help the FAA identify and resolve tactical issues; and develop technical
performance standards that serve as the basis for regulatory certification requirements.

Ms. Jenny career in aviation spans over 30 years, and includes positions of Director of Modeling, Simulation and Future Concepts at the MITRE Corporation; Director of Airline Business and Operations Analysis at US Airway; Vice President of Corporate Business Development for ARINC, and President of MJF Strategies, an aviation consulting firm. Ms. Jenny holds a BA in Sociology from Indiana University and a MS in Computer Science from American University. She serves on numerous boards and advisory committees including the NextGen Advisory Committee, Aero Club of Washington, Women in Aerospace, George Mason University Center for Air Transportation Systems Research, the National Academy of Sciences, National Transportation Research Board, and NASA.

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