Barbara A. Reynolds Pollard started out as a volunteer illustrator for Street Sense. She was raised in Washington D.C. and attended Fairmont Heights High School in Maryland. Her mother’s name is Inetta Reynolds and still lives as a professional pianist. Her father was Henry Reynolds (deceased) and he was a professional trumpet player. The whole family sings and plays piano and writes music.

Pollard graduated from the Lewis School of Music in D.C. specializing in voice. She sang lead vocal songs in many Gospel Choirs, such as Bible Way Temple and Hemmingway Memorial A.M.E. She has sung Gospel/Jazz at Pier 7, Fox Trap, Zanzibar, and many other churches, local schools and Boys and Girls Clubs. She is also a fashion designer and has her own line of apparel.

Barbara has begun selling Street Sense and continues to contribute artwork to the paper.

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