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Pathways to Housing DC
101 Q Street NE, Suite G
Washington, DC 20002

Phone: (202) 529-2972
Fax: (202) 529-2976
Email: info@pathwaysdc.org


Among organizations involved in the city’s permanent supportive housing efforts, Pathways to Housing DC has helped lead the way. The organization seeks out the most vulnerable chronically homeless, those with serious mental illness or addictions, and places them in affordable housing.

This model, called Housing First, has been in use by Pathways since the organization’s start in 2003. Research has shown it to be cost -effective and successful: Pathways has placed over 500 people in housing so far.

While people are not forced to make use of the social services that are provided to help them address their illnesses and addictions, once they are housed, they usually do. Around 90 percent of clients are actively engaged in treatment.

Though this isn’t the traditional approach, Pathways’ chief operating officer Amanda Harris said that getting housed first opens the door for people to seek treatment.

“It really creates this platform to talk honestly about these issues,” Harris said.

Pathways targets people who would otherwise stay on the streets, those who haven’t asked for help but are seriously ill. The organization offers psychiatric services as well as full primary health care.

They are currently collecting donations of household items for this initiative, to make it feel more like home for the veterans.

“It’s hard to move from 20 years on the street to an apartment,” Harris said, “every veteran deserves a home.”

For more information, contact Development Director Hannah Zollman at info@pathwaysdc.org or visit the Pathways to Housing DC office at 101 Q ST NE, Suite G.