Cat in the Hat Books
credit: Andrea/Flickr

There are more than one hundred and thirty Street Sense vendors. We have our own style and technique to sell the newspaper. Each vendor says a favorite pitch phrase to our customers to get them to stop and buy our paper.

What helps me the most? The Hat! Wearing the hat distinguishes me from all the other vendors. I have made it my logo and my brand. Selling my Street Sense papers and wearing my hat makes my customers happy when they see me.

Whether or not they buy the newspaper, people can be sure that the cat and the hat will be between 11th and 13th Streets NW during the week and at Eastern Market on weekends, with a bright smile and a happy attitude.

The children there cannot wait to see the cat and the hat. To see the kids smile and laugh when they see me makes my day.
Most of my customers tell me they look forward to seeing me when they get off the Metro. They tell me they can see my hat a block away. If it’s raining, snowing or a very hot day, you can be sure that Phillip Black, the Cat in the Hhat, will always be working, smiling and happily selling Street Sense.