A drawing of a globe that is green and blue. The Globe has a face. "World of Joy" is written at the top in pencil
credit: Sasha Williams

I hate it when others insult my intelligence. Maybe if you took as much time focusing on yourself as you do focusing on me, you wouldn’t be so miserable. God (the Father of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel) made us all unique. So, unfortunately, you cannot be me nor have what I have. What you can have is the love of Jesus Christ! He loves you with an unconditional love and will forgive all your sins, if you repent. Knowing this has always given me joy!!

Kyla Brown


A pencil drawing of two men with their hands in the air.

Illustration by Dwight Harris

HE is the ONE that brings me joy.
The ONE that sits on the throne.
The ONE that created the heavens and the earth.
The ONE that made possible for me to be here.
The joy of the Lord is my strength every day.
HE strengthens me whenever I am weak,
What fills my joy is HE.
HE fills my joy down deep in my soul.
What brings me joy is the world making peace.
Making peace, so people can (truly) live.
My joy is when children grow to become something in life,
Only those that work hard will become the best.
What brings me joy is my God, being on my side,
Guiding me and believing in me,
Letting me know that everything will be all right,
Whispering in my ear the depth of who HE is.
What brings me joy is my Lord and Savior,
Being with me from the beginning till the very end.
That is what and who brings me joy.
As you read this poem think about who and what
Brings you joy, because even if you are not the
Richest or the smartest, everyone on Earth,
Even the lowest creatures that crawl on this Earth
Can receive joy.
Thank you and God bless you.

Evelyn Nnam