credit: Timothy Donelson

The mother of creation, the perfect one for me. From my side you were born, at my side you should be. We’ve eaten the forbidden fruits from the tree. ‘Til death do us part is our destiny. You’ll be my woman and I’ll be your man, like Adam and Eve. What part don’t you understand? Without you, woman, there would be no me, but without my seed there would be no you. Don’t get this thing twisted girl, we need one another, like daughters need a father, like sons need a mother. Don’t think too long baby, we don’t have all night. You say you need a good man because your life isn’t right. I want to take this time to talk to you girl, so right for a man, God’s gift to the world. Never cease to amaze me with all the things that you do. You can use me and I can use you. Like a human transformer you can change positions. Like a fitness instructor you’re in top condition. Extraordinary things are what your body can do. With pain or pleasure no one is greater than you. Push my buttons with your world of emotions. Set me on fire with your love and devotion. If I’m moving too fast you’ll slow me down. If I’m falling too low you’ll pick me up off the ground. Your mind is complex, body is tight. If loving you is wrong then I’ll never get it right. The things of the world mean nothing to me if I can’t have a woman’s sexuality. Sex isn’t everything, there’s no doubt about it. I can live with that but I can’t live without it. So please don’t think I’m just trying to get you in bed. There’s a lot of other things we can do instead. When you need a strong arm you can lean on me. If you are tired of being alone I’ll keep you company. Turn on the radio, keep you safe and warm, with love talk and slow jams on the quiet storm. Let me know now girl if I’m moving too fast, because I’m about to rap you up and marry your ass. I know you are tired of those boys; they all think the same: that hood-rat drama: the lies, the pain. You’ve heard all the rap, the bullcrap, the games from the men who talk about their fortune and fame. They practice their lines like actors on stage, but when they flip the script you’re not on the same page. I’ll take you away from the neighborhood thugs and show you what a real man is made of. We’ll travel the world, I’ll make your dreams come true, I promise you girl I won’t deceive you.