Lit candles on birthday cake
credit: Wasif Yaqeen/Flickr

June 19 is my birthday. June 21 is the first day of summer. I love celebrating my birthday. It’s the day my mom and dad gave birth to that crazy kid named Phillip Black. And even though they have both passed away, I know that they would be really proud of me for turning my life around. No matter how much I messed up or gave up on myself, they never turned their backs on me. And when it came to June 19, they made that day very special for me. They gave me the best of everything. So happy birthday, Mom and Dad! It’s Phillip’s birthday again.
June 21 is the first day of summer. After surviving the long winter and selling Street Sense in the bitter cold, summertime is the best. It gives me the chance to go more places and see more of the attractions that Washington, DC has to offer.
18th and Constitution on the Mall is one of those places. People are flying kites, playing with frisbees, eating ice cream. It is so much fun to see. And since I’m the Cat in the Hat, people always want to take pictures of me. I sell lots of Street Sense papers that way. I know lots of other vendors who, like me, enjoy summer because we can stay out longer selling papers. Lunch time is a great time, because more people will go out for lunch and they want to get out of the office to enjoy the weather. You get to meet more people, sell more papers and Street Sense vendors just love it.
To the new Street Sense vendors who are looking for the best spots to sell papers, here are a few ideas: 7th and Constitution Ave., the Tidal Basin, Ford’s Theater, and Chinatown. Remember, summertime is the best time. Let’s take advantage of it. My birthday and summer: my kind of time.