Let’s start with my drug of choice. Heroin. For 14 years.

Yes, I thought it was ALL good because it made me feel relaxed. Unfortunately, I never knew the consequences of using it because no one ever told me. So, I learned the hard way.

I became very sick after only three days. I vomited frequently. I could not eat. I didn’t sleep. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would. I never would have touched heroin. The drug abuses your mind and your body. It is a monster. So much for “relaxing” me.

Thank goodness for the Psychiatric Institute of Washington’s detox center, where I went to get clean. The process was agonizing and scary. But, I did it. And I’ve stayed that way for six years.

So, if you want to get clean, you may have to change the people around you and the places where you used to hang out. Avoid the “friends” who could cause you trouble. Go to church. Pray every day. And take a day at a time.