credit: Steve Davis/Flickr

Interaction: Arsenial Hall, night time talk show host, used to say things that make you go “hmm” (change your mindset). Journey with me for a bit and open your minds to this question or statement. Most peoples minds are trained and/or conditioned. So that is any perception, you have your own perception, and one’s perception is their reality but is their reality an actuality, reality? You decide.

Take a look around you in your office, home, train, bus or whatever environment you are currently in. What do you see? Who do you see? Look in the mirror, glass, etc. anything reflective of yourself. What do you see, who do you see. Now ask yourself what you see, or have envisioned, is it perception or reality…

Now think back, reflect upon your journey to where you presently are. Do you remember the homeless guy or gal you passed on the corner that no doubt asked for some change or something to eat. When you looked at them what did you see or did you even look at them?

Did you greet them? Why/why not? Did you greet the people in your present environment in which you ventured to? What in your mind differentiates the two. Perception or reality the mindset can be altered by your decisions to decide to untrain, uncondition your mind. Why do you think that homeless guy or gal was there? And why do you think that?

Do you ever wonder? Have you ever stopped to acknowledge them as human beings or as equals? Homeless people are just that, people too… What if it were you, a friend or family member? Could you handle it? How would you prefer to be handled? Ask yourself am I one whose mind is trained/conditioned.. Please feel free to share these questions with family and friends and see where the journey takes them. It doesn’t matter what or where it takes you at this point. It’s about awareness; however, change starts with each individual and statistically the average working person is one pay check (40-80 hours) away from homelessness.

Thank you for your continued support and participation.