credit: Flickr

People have the tendency to think that when they are allowed to get away with something continuously, that a person or persons fear them. There is, however, a beginning and an end to everything, and we all are responsible for our own actions. Eventually, we will have to give account for them.

Make no mistake about it: I fear no man, for no weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that rises up against me, thou shalt condemn. It does not make you a man or a woman to confront confrontation. But to be able to not succumb to it speaks to one’s level of maturity.

As I live and learn and learn to live, it saddens my heart to observe myself, as well as others taken advantage of, are underestimated, taken for granted, ridiculed and abused, played as a fool as their intelligence is disrespectfully played upon. This type of treatment is most commonly administered by selfish, self-centered, self-seeking individuals whom we love and care about, and/or we have concern for them and their future. They, in their mistakenly misguided minds, think they are in control, having established a perimeter of fear that feeds their prideful egos into believing they have conquered the unconquerable.

Imagine that…perception or reality?