A non-representation of black smoke
credit: Pexels

Debates, disagreements, misconceptions and controversies take place daily. Are they beneficial or to no avail? Could it be by design? Maybe the powers that be plan to keep society divided on issues, topics or even reality itself.

There is definitely a systemic problem within our nation and within society. Yet, I also believe there is still hope for us collectively as a people. But it will take the changing of one’s mindset and unification of our mindsets to become ONE people. ONE race. The human race. We are all uniquely, magnificently and individually created. All equal.

I am no better than you, you’re no better than they, they are no better than them. In other words, no individual is better than the next. Let’s work toward gain, even in ourselves, to experience the joy and contentment that comes with being contributors to the whole. Growth as a society must take place holistically and be inclusive. At least, let’s all have equal access for advancement through achievement.

We all participate either in the advancement or the decline of the human race — it’s your choice. Whether passive or active, you are contributing to one of those paths. Don’t allow the system to force you to silently support the status quo, a never-ending spiral of decline and destruction.

Perception or Reality? 

This article, this call to action, requires no verbal response. Start your participation now, especially if you believe that we are more than our superficial selves. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the systemic problem.

Peace and love. Be blessed and do the right thing.

Robert Williams is a vendor for Street Sense.