credit: Credit: Steve Baker

Good day all. Let me begin this column today by extending my thanks and appreciation to all of my readers for your support and assistance rendered, and of course for your generous donations as well. Thank you, those of you who have allowed the opportunity for us to get acquainted. I welcome any valid information that could assist this unemployed veteran or help me to help other veterans. Most information put out there in reference to aiding veterans is incomplete, inaccurate, misleading, or in some cases, non-existent. There are misconceptions about the homeless and particularly veterans. Homeless are not always dressed badly. Their cologne and body scent is not always funky, their IQ isn’t below average, they aren’t necessarily lacking in education or intelligence. Most do have a desire to escalate to a higher level. Most are not a threat seeking to cause bodily harm to you, or destroy your property. They aren’t necessarily alcoholics or addicts, and most veterans that have those problems in their pasts started in the armed services under the stresses of danger and coping with losses — and the sight of stuff that would probably cause you to pass out. Veterans do not automatically get a check each month, as I am constantly told. Don’t let those in power prey on your intelligence. It is said that veterans do not make up the majority of the homeless population. But I beg to differ. No matter how much they play with numbers, veterans should not be among the homeless.

Robert Williams is a vendor for Street Sense.