Two people hugging
credit: Z S/Flickr

First and foremost, I thank God for His grace and mercy in bringing me forth into a new year. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to all, especially you, little big 4-year old Lila. Sorry I missed you and others through the holidays.

As I continue my attempt to enlighten the public as to this homeless epidemic and advocate for homeless veterans, I pray to be a positive and motivating force to help bring about real change. I can’t do it alone. But together, I am hopeful and confident that all of us can make a difference.

We must rally together and lift our voices for what’s right and humane. This is a racial thing, for it will affect the entire race. The human race. And we are in a race! A race to end this homeless epidemic.

How long will we sit idly by while politicians continue to give lip service ad promises? Each one promises to work to end homelessness, but we don’t hold them accountable. Yet we complain privately and among ourselves. If you do or say nothing, you might as well be part of it. Perception or reality…

2016. Twenty sixteen.

Are you gonna be caught in-between.

Saying nothing yay or nay.

If you do, all you have can be swept away.