The John A. Wilson Building
credit: Andrew Wiseman/Wikimedia Commons

Stability is often sought after nowadays, but not always found. At least not by the homeless communities or those with unstable housing. How is your housing situation? However it is now, it could probably be better. But just imagine if it were worse or if you had none.

There are too many persons that are homeless, in particular here in the nation’s capital of all places. Once again, I make mention of the fact that chronic homelessness has been eradicated in Salt Lake City, Utah. Other cities are similarly coming on board. So, pray tell, what is wrong with our nation’s capital?

Why does each administration that comes into office vow among their many promises to extinguish homelessness and get more affordable housing – while many units sit vacant in our city.

Oh, that’s right. They aren’t affordable units. I truly wonder if our elected officials know the meaning of promise. I suspect they believe it’s something greasy and flexible: more like the old brand of margarine than a solemn commitment. Have they read what’s written on the outside of the Veterans’ Administration Building? A promise is etched in stone, “to take care of veterans and their widows.” Is that what’s truly happening?

(Perception or reality?)

Yes, some are being housed and that’s what’s being documented for statistical purposes to get bigger grants and more money in the next fiscal year. However, the lack of longevity is not being reported to you. The system continues to play upon the intelligence of you, the tax-paying, productive, voting members of society. The problem is systemic. I challenge any of you elected officials to respond, in particular, the mayor. I challenge you, not a staff member, to attend the next major community action on homelessness.

I am tired of the rhetoric and redundant empty responses and actions of our elected officials. Tired of you, the voting public, not lifting your voices together for change. Silence is agreement. Come on, people, you train your pet, your dog, to what you want it to do. Don’t you realize that, without constant action, the system is doing the same thing to you? It’s training you to accept what it does or says and then respond as they want you to, to their benefit, not yours. Wake up! Wake up and smell the coffee. The doughnuts are ready. Especially get out the vote, this year your vote may be the deciding vote that keeps this country from going into further turmoil.