credit: Cristian Ramírez/ Flickr

Here I am again, my most cherished and faithful readers and supporters of Street Sense publications. You are much appreciated. I shall once again provide you with information and insight for you to decide for yourself, is it perception or reality?

How beautiful this city, the Nation’s Capital, is becoming, or should I say more beautiful?

As a native Washingtonian, I have always thought it was a great place to live, even though it is extremely expensive. Having traveled in and out of, as well as across, the United States, I can think of no other place I would prefer to live. Imagine that! However, here in the Nation’s Capital, you find homeless veterans, some of whom have volunteered to sacrifice their lives for the freedom and security of others.

Veterans of the United States combined military forces have given up their employment, their families, and even their dreams, to fight with life and limb so someone else (you and your family) might realize your dreams. We veterans sacrifice so that someone else (you and your children) might achieve the level of education you so desire. Imagine that! Sacrifices, selflessly made so that you and your children might have a better country to live in, so that ALL might enjoy the comforts and benefits not afforded to the rest of the world. So that you may live in a country unlike any other, where you might be able to realize the reality of the rights for ALL people not afforded to those in other countries.

Those rights include Freedom of Speech, Religion, the Right to Vote, and even the whole democratic process. Let’s have human rights for all people, the actual experience of the Constitution of the United States. Please help, support me and other organizations I affiliate with, such as F.A.C.E (Focus Attitude Commitment to Excellence), Miriam’s Kitchen, Coalition for the Homeless, and others under D.C.’s umbrella of hope. Help veterans from being such a large percentage of the indigent population in need of health care, affordable housing, and employment. Let’s work together to achieve the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.– that one day people of all colors, races, and religion, regardless of economic background, may all be afforded the same rights and may live together in peace.