Have you smiled at and/or said hello to someone you don’t know today? Do you include a person with unstable housing as being a “someone?” We all should be saddened, witnessing so much unnecessary strife.

The Fourth of July just passed. Stars and Stripes were displayed everywhere. Yet, when I introduced myself as a veteran, most people still didn’t seem to care. Life for all sometimes isn’t fair. But it is what it is. Together we all can make it what it should be: equal and fair to all, regardless of race, sex, religion or economic status.

The United States of America’s Red, White and Blue. What does that mean to you? What is it all about — is it for all, or just those with clout? Do you have any doubt?

On the backs of my forefathers was this country built. To seek the truth is always a tilt. Who is free: you or me, me or you — or is it for a selected few? Give me some feedback, what does it really mean to you?

Life is love and love is life. You are my sister, I’m glad, even if from another dad. You are my brother even if you are from another mother. I will end with this quote from an unknown author who I heard reciting it on the radio nearly 30 years ago: “Let us not be pacified being classified as satisfied with the justices of a non-justice America.”

Perception, or reality?