A heart shaped leaf
credit: abon/Flickr

I have come to the conclusion that there is more than one homeless community. For example, the Humane Society of the United States represents some homeless cats, dogs and other animals, most of which have been mistreated, abused and neglected at some time. Some may have lost jobs (as racing dogs or guard dogs), some were in shows, and some just special pets. Fortunately, they have been rehabilitated and nursed back to health; efforts have been made to find them suitable housing.

There is another ignored and forgotten community that still exists in 2016. Although the Humane Society of the United States doesn’t represent them, someone should. This community, approximately 8,000 of them, is right here in Washington, D.C., and they are called PEOPLE, more commonly known as the homeless. They are human, which is what you get after dropping the “e” from humane. Wouldn’t it be humane for us to show some love for humans?

Too much money is wasted in our society. I am not saying anything is wrong with the Humane Society. I like what they do. And what they do cannot be done without you. What’s needed to eradicate the homeless epidemic cannot be done without you. Look at the money that’s wasted. For example, consider DC’s street car. Someone, inform me of its purpose. The streetcar, yet to be utilized, travels about a mile. Does anyone benefit from this? Let’s open our eyes and change our mindset.

Let’s not be selfish. This year, let’s live self-less. We can still live life, have a good time and still be a blessing to someone. As a matter of fact, during my journey through Dupont, I’ve met many kind and interesting people. Let me suggest a couple of places to pass the time. For pizza lovers, try Vapiano. Introduce yourself to the assistant general manager; she will ensure you stay is a good one. For happy hours, enjoy the sounds and discounts at 1831 Bar & Lounge on M St. NW. Nicole and Whitney are as friendly as they are lovely, and with expertise and professionalism, they will be more than glad to serve you, as Sammy spins the sounds to your delight. For some good laughter, check out the Improv. You know, laughter is good for the soul. We need to be well-rounded and build some unity in our communities and work together to raise the consciousness of one another. Perception or reality? Let’s love someone today.