American flag beside the Trump tower
credit: Giuseppe Milo | Flickr

What’s going on, folks? No, look around. What do you see? If you need to open that third eye, utilize it! Acknowledge what is truly happening around you before it’s too late. Try to see what we all undoubtedly feel.

I mentioned a few articles back that we should all participate, trust and believe.

We cannot mend our broken system with lip service. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s administration has been unable to fulfill its promise of eradicating homelessness.

People are dying on the street, sometimes with nothing to eat, in a frozen climate.

Don’t you care that it could one day be you or yours in that situation? Even if it is not you or anyone you know, it is a suffering human being.

No person deserves to live or die on the street. We are our brother’s keeper!

President Trump wants war, or at least this is my perception of the reality. We must prevent this fight from happening if we want to continue to enjoy the freedoms we are now afforded.

Utilize the internet for information, and realize that your vote counts. All our votes count, whether or not we are homeless. We are all brothers and sisters.

Our nation was built not only on the backs of people of color but also on spiritual principles. Built on those who spoke up for rights, equality and what they believed in.

We must all have a level playing field, regardless of our differences.

What, if anything, do YOU stand for? Or will you just fall for anything? Will you sit by and watch your friends and family be mistreated, lied to, abused or slaughtered without protest?